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The Rioting of Inferno

The Rioting of Inferno invites readers to delve into the darkest corners of the human psyche in a dazzling collection of stories that challenge the boundaries of reality and human morality.

Written by 17-year old E.J. Cousins, hauntingly macabre tales such as “The Surgeon”, “Resolution”, “The Crying” and “The Masks of Stolen Skin” skilfully blur the line between the bizarre and the conceivable, the beautiful and the gruesome.

With stunning original artwork by Anwot, the spinetingling and mindbending tales that comprise The Rioting of Inferno will unsettle and linger long within you.


The Beautiful Harpies

by Cameron Scott Kirk

Something sinister is afoot in dreary Dysael. First, several women go mysteriously missing. Then, one by one, their husbands begin turning up dead – killed in increasingly brutal ways.

Sister Kempson of the Holy Sisters of Conviction and her bodyguard Garth arrive in the city to investigate the situation. However, Constable Thackery deems them nothing but an interference in his own investigation as he aims to restore law and order at any cost.

Amidst all the quarrelling, will they be able to put a stop to the growing darkness in Dysael as more and more people are killed? Sister Kempson will need to uncover the truth fast before hysteria breaks out as the townspeople grow more frightened and paranoid … that is, as long as she doesn’t lose sight of which side represents the good and which the evil …

Ominous, striking, and set in a plausibly real world, this dark tale blurs the lines between black, white, and all the shades of grey in between.


The Porridge of the Countess Berthe

By Alexandre Dumas

First-ever translation in English of a unique goblin tale from Alexandre Dumas, the famous author of The Three Musketeers and The Comte of Monte Cristo.

On the bank of the Old Medieval Rhine, there was a kind, compassionate, determinate and noble human being; the Countess Berthe. She founded a rather unusual tradition, an annual feast set on the first of May of each year, The Porridge of the Countess Berthe.

To ensure the future of this newfound tradition and in spite of Nature’s forces as well as greed of the living, the Countess Berthe resorted to unite with the Cobolds, the good spirits which were known to live, work and prosper in the foundation of the castle.

“I must first tell you that in Germany there was once a race of good little spirits, who have unfortunately since disappeared, the tallest of them was barely six inches high. They were called Cobolds.”

A hidden gem from the past that has been uncovered with this translation for the interest, comfort and amusement of readers whatever their age and wherever they are.


Letters to you, to her, to no one

By Vasilena Spasova

“Hand in hand, two on the grey concrete, him and I. And we, Mum…We had just wanted some vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips. We hadn’t wanted anything more out of life, but life surprised us.”

Sometimes, one’s most sincere thoughts and feelings can only be expressed in a letter to their mother. Letters to you, to her, to no one is a moving story about a girl growing up in a Bulgarian orphanage told through intimate letters to her imaginary mother. The letters span years, recording a journey exploring friendship, loss, anorexia, and, most of all, dreams.

Recently published in the Bulgarian language, this self-translated version contains genuine art pieces drawn by parentless children who’ve proudly participated in the project.


84-19: Rhapsodies & Co from I

84-19: Rhapsodies & Co from I

Inspired by the fate of Julia and Winston under the watchful eyes of Big Brother of George Orwell’s 1984, Docteur Cybirdy has compiled an eclectic blend of quotes, briefs, and rhapsodies:

84-19 Rhapsodies & Co from I Naming and shaming world leaders, casting light on post- genomic science, and highlighting the main triggers of the inhuman aspect of the Covid era. With courage, Docteur Cybirdy reveals her thoughts and intimate beliefs, prompting an urgent review of the role of post-genomic science in today’s world while instilling hope for a peaceful and serene future for humanity.


Hippocrates of London

In the pre-Covid UK capital, Melo, a young blogger and anthropologist, is sought out by the mysterious Dr Elpis, a woman who hides her face. Despite the doctor’s secrecy, Melo is intrigued by her open and honest desire to share her worldview as one of the last independent doctors in London.

Whip-smart, provocative and animated by a mystical quest of universality, it is one of the most original collections of medical stories in recent years.

Docteur Cybirdy is a faceless writer and a General Physician who has practiced medicine for the past thirty years in France and in the UK.

Passionate about art of medicine and ethics, in Hippocrates of London, her debut novel, she shares her anecdotes with humanity and dignity, with a literary twist removed from hyper-rationality.