The Beautiful Harpies

The Beautiful Harpies

The Beautiful Harpies

by Cameron Scott Kirk

Something sinister is afoot in dreary Dysael. First, several women go mysteriously missing. Then, one by one, their husbands begin turning up dead – killed in increasingly brutal ways.

Sister Kempson of the Holy Sisters of Conviction and her bodyguard Garth arrive in the city to investigate the situation. However, Constable Thackery deems them nothing but an interference in his own investigation as he aims to restore law and order at any cost.

Amidst all the quarrelling, will they be able to put a stop to the growing darkness in Dysael as more and more people are killed? Sister Kempson will need to uncover the truth fast before hysteria breaks out as the townspeople grow more frightened and paranoid … that is, as long as she doesn’t lose sight of which side represents the good and which the evil …

Ominous, striking, and set in a plausibly real world, this dark tale blurs the lines between black, white, and all the shades of grey in between.