The Porridge of the Countess Berthe

The Porridge of the Countess Berthe

The Porridge of the Countess Berthe

By Alexandre Dumas

First-ever translation in English of a unique goblin tale from Alexandre Dumas, the famous author of The Three Musketeers and The Comte of Monte Cristo.

On the bank of the Old Medieval Rhine, there was a kind, compassionate, determinate and noble human being; the Countess Berthe. She founded a rather unusual tradition, an annual feast set on the first of May of each year, The Porridge of the Countess Berthe.

To ensure the future of this newfound tradition and in spite of Nature’s forces as well as greed of the living, the Countess Berthe resorted to unite with the Cobolds, the good spirits which were known to live, work and prosper in the foundation of the castle.

“I must first tell you that in Germany there was once a race of good little spirits, who have unfortunately since disappeared, the tallest of them was barely six inches high. They were called Cobolds.”

A hidden gem from the past that has been uncovered with this translation for the interest, comfort and amusement of readers whatever their age and wherever they are.